sexta-feira, 21 de novembro de 2008

Dream and Deception

Once I had a dream
I dreamed that one day I'd be gone
To a world of light and happiness
I dreamed that no one would hurt mt anymore
I dreamed that dreams would be forever

So I'll dream for all my life
Cause when I wake up, it's not there
Not the light, not the happiness
Just another day that ends
With a sad sight red of blood

One day I'll be gone
One day I'll say goodbye
I'll close my eyes and wait for my time
With a tear of blood and deception
I'll call the death and ask her to take me home

Why can't dreams be true?
Why does it all faint when I open my eyes?
If I had no eyes, would I continue to wake up?
I guess yes, so I'll just wait for my time.

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micha disse...

May be that some of our dreams will not come to be true. But who desn't dream will not have any future. Life is a risk. Without risk there doesn't exist any life.. Our dreams are like a espiritual power. Kisses, micha